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Our Story

Mr. Pat & Ms. Rebecca

We are Pat and Rebecca Lapinski, owners and founders of Noteworthy Academy of Music.


Music is what we know, what we do, and what brought us together! Individually, we studied music for most of our childhoods.  Pat first fell in love with the drum set at an early age and then expanded to the guitar, bass, piano, percussion, and even the banjo! Rebecca studied voice, piano, percussion, acting, and anything she could get her hands on.  We met in our high school concert band in Little Falls, New Jersey. After both graduating college with degrees pertaining to music, we got married! Soon after, we started to dream of opening our own music school one day. Wonderful things fell into place and the opportunity to open within the Bethany Community Center presented itself, and thus Noteworthy was born! 


Those of us who have grown up pursuing music know that it can be very overwhelming at times - Trying to master every style and impress every teacher. Often, the joy and fun of music are lost in the endless pursuit of perfection. Our goal when we opened Noteworthy was to create a school where that relationship with music was put well above the need to be "perfect". Everyone can have a positive relationship with music, you just need to find the right fit. 


We hope you can find the perfect fit here at Noteworthy, where we aspire to make learning music fun for everyone.



Pat and Rebecca

Meet The Team

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