Summer Camps

Early Bird Special from now until the end of February!

$50 off every camp, so give us a call today to find the camp that is the perfect fit for you!

Music Camp

July 22nd - July 26th 

9am - 3pm

Ages 7-14


 Come explore all things music in Noteworthy’s action packed Music Camp! Get an introduction to multiple styles of music, have the opportunity to learn about and play multiple instruments, write songs, sing songs, play games and so much more. This camp is perfect for the young musician that is passionate about all things music, looking for an exciting place to get started. 

There will be a performance on the last day of camp, July 26th at 3pm

Rock Camp

July 15th - July 19th

9am - 3pm

Ages 10-18


 Have you ever wanted to be in a band? Well, this camp is for you! Play all styles of rock music (maybe even some Jazz, Blues and Pop!), learn the fundamentals of playing in a band, play every instrument in the band, not just your primary instrument, write your own tunes, and even get a chance to record them in a professional recording studio! 

Teacher recommendation or past experience playing is required, so give us a call to see if you are the right fit!

 There will be a performance on the last day of camp, July 19th at 3pm

Musical Theatre Camp

August 5th - August 16th (Monday - Friday only!)

9am - 3pm

Ages 9-18


This summer camp is the perfect place for all those who love the bright lights of Broadway! We will sing, dance, act and explore all things Musical Theatre during this 2 week camp. During the camp, we will be learning all styles, decades and genres within the Musical Theatre umbrella. This is the perfect camp to fully immerse yourself in all the theatre magic, without the hindrance or pressure of doing one musical.

There will be a performance on the last day of camp,  August 16th at 3pm

Intro to Worship Music Camp

July 29th - August 2nd

12pm - 3pm

Ages 10-18


We are partnering with Bethany Church, which also calls the Bethany Community Center it’s home, to teach the next generation of worship musicians the beginnings of what it means to be on the worship team. We will touch on every instrument that you see on the platform and learn music from your favorite worship artists like Hilsong, Bethel, Passion and more! During the week we will also learn how to use the in-ear-monitors, and “click” that the worship team plays with every Sunday, as well as playing on the platform at the Township of Washington Campus, all while being focused on building our hearts of worship through music. Teacher recommendation or some musical experience required, call us to see if this camp is right for you!

There will be a performance on the last day of camp, August 2nd at 3pm.