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Our 2023 Spring Recitals are quickly approaching!
We are so excited for our students to show off the skills and songs they've learned in the past months and we want you to join us!

Our group recitals will take place from 3-4:00 PM, 4-5:00 PM, 5-6:00 PM, and 6-7:00 PM and teachers will be present on the following dates: 

Saturday, June 3rd: Mike, Nick G., Nick S.

Sunday, June 4th: Mike, Giuliana, Alexa, Chris, Steve
Saturday, June 10th: Aziah, Jesse, Liam
Sunday, June 11th: JQ, Ezra, Max, Brandon
Saturday, June 17th: Drace, Liam, Nick S., Andrew
Sunday, June 18th: Dan, Jacob F., Jacob E., Summer

Mr. Pat & Ms. Rebecca will be at all recitals. You may sign up for any day/time, but should you prefer your child's teacher to be in attendance please be sure to refer to the dates and times above.

Sign up for a time slot with the office staff while here in person, send us an em
ail, or give us a call at (973) 508 - 6115

We cannot wait to celebrate and share the students' work!

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